Greetings, I am an empathetic woman born in the United States who has a fondness for fantasy universes, mountains, video games, books, ranting, and quotes of most mediums.

I am a woman bent on seeking the truth, on not being satisfied with simply going through the motions. Though art is seen here I feel it is just one outlet of my entire identity and personality. It is a visual way of expression philosophies, loves, passions, and personal reflections of life and art.

I graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a Bachelors degree in English (Literature) and a minor in Fine Arts (drawing/illustration as my specialty).

ART STYLE+THEME: I have a fascination with people, human nature, and the human condition but on a supernatural/spiritual level. My style is based around the human figure, with often abstract or symbolic backgrounds/foregrounds. Often, this is because I believe that through drawing the human figure in such a context, the goal is to begin bringing awareness of our vices and virtues, as well as the idea that we are “more than mortal,” that is, that we have an immortal purpose that is not simply about us, or our wants/desires, but something that goes beyond us, which is, more than us but actively used through us.

I am heavily inspired by old works that make their ideas as big as their paintings, that are not just satisfied with painting for arts sake, but for a deeper, crucial meaning. I am seeking to question, ponder, and delve into the world of humanity, of religion, and of my beliefs within my artwork.

Sketching and art, to me, isn’t just about providing answers so much as it is about discovering questions and seeking with an open heart and open mind to what my work may be telling me about myself and others.

As W.H. Auden aptly said, “A real book isn’t one that we read, but one that reads us.” So too is it with art.

Favorite Visual Artists:

Joao Ruas, Diana Al Hadid, Alan Lee, Natalie Hall, Nicola Samori, Todd Lockwood, Alphonse Mucha, Brom, Michelangelo, Pre-Raphaelites, James Jean, John Singer Sargent, Dominic Besner.

Tools of the Trade:

Anything I can get my hands on. Mainly pencil, dip pens, ink pens, Indian ink, liquid gold leaf, and white gel ink. The paper I use will only be cream paper for sketchbooks because of aesthetic purposes (usually of 80Ib weight or higher). However, I use white paper and watercolor paper for more finished pieces.(When I begrudingly can’t find them in cream.)

As for digital mediums, I often use SAI.


Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | DeviantArt | last.fm (if curious of my musical taste)


INPRINT | REDBUBBLE (For cute stickers of art found only here)

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